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We offer complete safari packages, allowing you to experience the extra-ordinariness of the beauty, rarity and wilderness of Tanzania and East Africa in the most luxurious surrounds. We will take care of your travel desires to ensure that your holiday is a journey to remember.


Our safaris are based on the principles of Eco-tourism. Our staff are versed on conservation and attuned to the wildlife, Zanzibar sandy beaches and historical reserves and the game park environment in Tanzania and east Africa at large. Our goal is to provide and introduce our visitors in these fabulous places.


If you choose to visit and explore Tanzania with us, you will be able to discover the wonders of this beautiful country at the best rate.

First of all you are coming to to the Country which has set aside about 70% of her land for the Wildlife.

Secondly you are booking with the Company whose Policies focuses on the following criteria regarding the tourism business.

1)      High Turnover x Low price = Good Profit and NOT 

2)      Low turnover x High Price = Bad Profit.

The experience of the staff of Africa Scenic Safaris Ltd has shown that, if you can lower the price and still deliver quality services, you will be able to keep and expand your client base which will enable you to get a big turnover and make good profit.  !

Therefore, our dear clients, we will like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Tanzania. The best services are what we have and will offer for the comfort and pleasure of our clients.

Your satisfaction is our pleasure and as far as we are concern, our clients are the reason why we exist, so we always Endeavor give them the best treat. Come and explore this beautiful country with us!

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